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Snow Lotus Hotel

The Hotel Snow Lotus is the right choice for everyone looking for classical elegance and modern comfort.


Located on the way to Shimla, just few kms away near famous Sankot Mochan Temple and overlooking the complete town of Shimla, Snow Lotus effortlessly blends into the surrounding landscape enhancing its beauty.

Easy accessibility makes staying at our hotel a convenient proposition for one and all. Splendid views of nature, the famous Temple are just awesome. Easy accessibility and developed facilities along with numerous attractions around the hotel adds to the comfortable stay. Whatever be the purpose of your visit- relaxation away from the busy city life, exploring natural beauties that the surrounding has to offer - Snow Lotus Hotel Shimla guarantees to make this a vacation you would fondly remember.

Offering tastefully designed rooms fitted with all modern amenities, tariffs to fit your budget.Snow Lotus is arguably the best hotel in Shimla. Enjoy the personalized service and dedicated hospitality at our Hotel for a truly memorable holiday in Shimla.